13 Best PPSSPP Games For Android {Download ISO File}

Its been couple of years since these emulators started to come. There developers are actually great. Playing a different os games in an different operating system is definitely great. PSP has been known pretty well for the graphics and performance the games do have. 
Wonder if you can play all those games right without purchasing a playstation portable. Wouldn't it be a life saving deal? 

PPSSPP Gold Emulator is one such application available for android to simulate psp compatible games in your android phone. So, I will be listing some of the great ppsspp gold games you can play whole day. 
You will be amazed of their stunning performance and high end graphics they use. 
Though if you use a low end android device you might face certain frame drops but don't worry i'll be posting about the best graphics setting for ppsspp gold games. 

13 BEST PPSSPP Gold Games

13. Tekken 6

Tekken 6 is one of the finest ppsspp gold compatible game. You can download iso or rom or cso file for your android. 
Tekken 6 PPSSPP For Android Download

12. Metal Gear Solid: Portable OPS

Metal Gear Solid download for ppsspp gold emulator. Download the iso rom or cso file for android. 
Metal Gear Solid ppsspp for Android

11. Burnout Legends

Download Burnout legends iso file for android for ppsspp gold emulator
Burnout Legends pppsspp for android

Download burnout legends latest iso file for ppsspp. You can install this game in your android using ppsspp gold apk available to download for free.

10. Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow

Download Syphone filter: logan's shadow iso file for android for ppsspp gold emulator
Syphon filter for android ppsspp

9. X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse For PPSSPP

Download xmen legends ii iso file for android for ppsspp gold emulator

X-Men legends download for ppsspp

8. Race Driver 2006

Race Driver is the best game. If you're into racing games you will get addicted of this game. So download race driver 2006 iso file for ppsspp.
Race Driver Download For PPSSPP

7. SOUL Calibur For PSP

Download Soul Calibur for ppsspp emulator. 
Soul Calibur download for ppsspp

6. Dungeon Seige For PPSSPP

Dungeon Seige iso file for ppsspp gold emulator
Dungeon Seige download for ppsspp

5. Smackdown vs RAW 2K14

Smackdown vs Raw 2014 iso file for ppsspp gold emulator
Smackdown vs raw 2k14 for ppsspp

4. Need For Speed Most Wanted

No words for NFS Most Wanted. Download the ROM for need for speed most wanted iso file for android.
Need For Speed Most Wanted For PPSSPP Download

3. GTA Vice City

Download GTA Vice City iso file for android for ppsspp gold emulator
GTA Vice City For PPSSPP Download

2. Ghost Rider

Download Ghost Rider iso file for android for ppsspp gold emulator
Ghost Rider For PPSSPP Download

1. GOD OF WAR: Ghost of Sparta

Download God of war ghost of Sparta iso file for android for ppsspp gold emulator
God of War For PPSSPP Download
So these were some of the best refined ppsspp gold games compatible with almost any android phone. You can use the link to download the iso files for ppsspp. I will further add few new ppsspp gold games here in this post. You can download them as well. To download the latest 1.5.4 ppsspp gold apk for android. 


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